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Safety protection of hot air blower during use
Safety protection of the hot air fan during use:

1. Since the temperature of the air outlet pipe of the industrial hot air blower and the air sent may be very high, be careful to avoid burns, and always pay attention to the outlet of the hot air blower when using it;

2. During the use of the hot air fan, if the air in it contains flammable and explosive gases, its concentration must be diluted to less than 1/50 ~ 1/100 of the explosion limit, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents;

3. If there is an accident in the hot air blower, you can directly press the emergency brake to shut down. After the safety is guaranteed, you can reset and resume work, so as to ensure the user's safety with limits.

4. Since the industrial hot air blower is a hot air product, its main function is to heat and heat, so we must pay attention to moisture and waterproof in the process of use to avoid damage to the hot air blower.
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