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       The connotation of "Jingya": "Jingya" comes from the special slogan combination of "Jing" and "Ya" in the business slogan at the start-up of the enterprise-"Strive for excellence and rush out of Asia"
       "Jingya" has the same first letters in Chinese phonetic alphabet as "Jiangyin", which means that Jingya is rooted in Jiangyin, the city, a land of outstanding people.
       "Jingya" and "surprise" have the same Chinese pronunciation, meaning that Jingya wants to accomplish the great cause that surprises the world.
       Jingya logo Interpretation: The oval symbolizes the earth, indicating that Jingya looks at the world.
       The green tone and green leaf symbolize nature, and white represents purity, indicating that Jingya is committed to the noble cause of creating and protecting a fresh and natural air environment.
Jingya's vision: Become an invisible champion and leap forward to a comprehensive leading enterprise
Jingya's mission: to create harmony between people and the environment
The spirit of Jingya: excellence, pioneering and innovative
Jingya's values: integrity, trust, challenge, cooperation, sharing
Jingya's customer view: continually meet customer needs and exceed their expectations
Jingya product concept: economic, practical and advanced
Jingya's Talent Concept: Loyalty, Professionalism, Enterprising
Jingya's style: conscientious, fast and stick to the promise
Jingya's criterion: to ensure the completion of the task


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