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Jiangsu Jingya Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Jingya Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., the core enterprise of Jingya Group, engages on the research and development, system consulting and design, engineering installation and service on textile air conditioning filter, ginning and delinting filter, chemical fiber air conditioning, automobile coating air conditioning and provides the comprehensive and integrated solution for textile air engineering. The markets of Jingya cover areas around the world and business performance of the Company reaps No. 1 for successive 15 years and holds a safe head with the honor of “No.1 in China” and “No. 1 in the world” in the sector of textile air conditioning filter.

Jiangsu Jingya Import and Export Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Jingya Import and Export Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. It is a company specialized in import and export trade under Jiangsu Jingya Group. It specializes in export trade of such businesses as textile air conditioning and dust filtering systems, electromechanical engineering, industrial fans, new energy development and other businesses.
Relying on the technical advantages and leading position of Jiangsu Jingya Group in the field of textile dust filtering, the company provides economic, practical and advanced services and products to hundreds of textile companies in more than 30 countries around the world with professional, standardized and efficient services. It has laid a solid foundation for Jingya Group to expand globally.
Facing the new economic situation at home and abroad, Jiangsu Jingya Import and Export Co., Ltd. will further cultivate a foreign trade team with strong competitiveness, and increase the pace of foreign trade while adhering to the JINGYA company spirit of "excellence, pioneering and innovative", to bring advanced technology and high-quality products to all parts of the world and to help partners achieve win-win development.

Jiangsu Jingya Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.
 Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. possesses the grade I qualification for installing electrical and mechanical equipment and mainly engages in purification engineering, engineering of photovoltaic power station, air conditioning engineering in building and installation, systematic design, product manufacture and service of various electrical and mechanical equipment. We dedicate to creating an all-round systematic design and capacity of engineering installation service to provide the customers with comprehensive and integrated systematic solution.

Jiangyin Jingya Fan Co., Ltd.
As a main member unit of China General Machinery (Draught Fan) Industry Association, Jiangyin Jingya Fan Co., Ltd. concentrates on the design and manufacture of the industrial centrifugal fan and axial flow fan. It has got the national production license for industrial products and has passed the authentication of China energy label. Its products are widely applied in industries such as textile, metallurgy, electric power, petrifaction, environmental protection, food, etc., among which the textile fan has been the No. 1 in China.

Jiangsu Jingya New Energy Development Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Jingya New Energy Development Co., Ltd. specializes in the investment and development, building and management of photovoltaic power station. Dedicating to the development and building of new photovoltaic energy, the Company has successively implemented major projects of distributed ground photovoltaic power station and rooftop photovoltaic power station and the gross installed capacity has exceeded 500MW.

Jiangyin Jingya Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd.
As one of drafting units of national standard for cooling tower, Jiangyin Jingya Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, manufacture and installation of cooling equipment. The Company has involved in the formulation of multiple national and local industrial standards. The products have widely applied in sectors such as chemical industry, electric power, iron and steel, buildings, etc.
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