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Manufacturing method of honeycomb dedusting unit
The utility model relates to air filtering equipment, in particular to a honeycomb type dust collecting unit that performs air filtering on the fibers and dust emitted during the light textile industry process production process.

At present, most of the dust filter equipment used in the domestic textile industry is the introduction and imitation of the internal suction dust filter of the German LTG company and the plate dust filter of the Swiss LUWA company. Both of these devices use a two-stage dust filter mechanism, and the first stage filters the fiber. Dust and dust are filtered out in the second stage, but the following defects exist: 1. The auxiliary equipment of these two types of equipment, such as fiber compactor, dust exhaust fan, dust separator, dust collection fan, etc., are separated from the main machine, the layout is messy, the connection pipeline is complicated, the area is large, and the energy consumption is high. Heavy installation work.

2. The first stage of these two devices adopts the design method of fixed suction nozzle and disc rotation, and is equipped with a variety of mixed air boxes to solve the impact of the air flow organization on its operation. However, this type of mixed air box not only increases costs, The length and floor area of ​​the equipment are not beautiful in terms of overall appearance.

3. These two types of equipment occupy a large area. Due to the influence of the immutable factors of the building structure, the use of these two types of equipment is subject to certain restrictions in the design of the new plant and the transformation of the old plant.

4. For the dust treatment of the second-stage dust collection system, the dust separator of the LTG internal suction dust filter adopts the structure of the cyclone separator and the dust box, the cyclone separation resistance is large, and the gap at the connection of the dust box is easy to leak high concentration of dust The air caused secondary pollution of dust. On the other hand, the cyclone separator is used to treat dust, the dust removal efficiency is low, and sometimes the dust backfilling occurs, which increases the burden of the secondary dust filtering equipment and the work is not stable enough. The dust separator of the LUWA plate dust filter adopts a large bag dust collector to separate and collect the dust, and adopts an open system. In normal operation, the dust concentration of the air outlet of the bag is 2-4mg / m3, and the dust concentration of the air outlet is as high as 3-9mg / m3 after the dust collector is stopped or turned on for a period of time, which seriously exceeds the standard. Due to the open system, the selection and configuration of the dust collection fan are affected by the main fan, and the bag is manually cleaned (usually once every 8 hours). The cleaning cycle is long, and the resistance of the dust collection system has a large fluctuation range, which affects the dust collection fan. Operating conditions and vacuuming effect.

The purpose of the utility model is to provide an improved honeycomb type dust collecting unit, which has a compact and simple structure, a small occupied area per unit filtering area, low energy consumption of equipment, and stable and reliable operation.
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