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Inspection work of centrifugal fan
Many fields now use centrifugal fans for ventilation, dust extraction and cooling, and the working time is also very long, so in order to avoid equipment failures during use, we need to conduct a series of inspections on the equipment to ensure that the equipment is in No problems will occur during use, which will affect our normal work, so what inspection work do we need to perform on the fan?
Daily routine inspection:
(1) Check whether the fan is running abnormally, such as vibration level, etc. by touching the centrifugal fan casing; (2) Check whether the belt-driven fan is running normally and whether the skin is cracked or loose; (3) Check that the silencer and soft connection are intact Non-destructive; (4) Check for identifiable damage and abnormalities.
Weekly routine inspection:
(1) Check the noise and temperature of the motor; (2) Check whether the impeller of the centrifugal fan is regular; (3) Check the noise and temperature of the bearing; (4) Check the monitoring equipment, temperature and vibration equipment for any abnormalities.
The above is the inspection of the centrifugal fan. When we find that the equipment is abnormal during operation, we should immediately report to the relevant staff or functional department, and then carry out the above inspection work and make corresponding solutions. If necessary The shutdown status should be prepared for shutdown. In daily use, we must regularly perform the above inspections on the equipment to ensure that the equipment will not malfunction, resulting in the fan not operating normally.
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