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Reasons for excessive current of centrifugal fan
With the rapid development of the industrial industry, people's requirements for industry have also increased, so the requirements for the use of centrifugal fans are naturally high. Although the quality of the equipment produced now is very good, there are also some external factors caused by the use of The current is too large, when the motor current is too large, it will cause a series of problems, resulting in damage to the equipment and burned components, so we need to find the cause, and then solve the problem in a targeted manner, let us understand the current too large s reason.

1. The overload protector of the centrifugal fan is broken. First, there is a place with poor contact inside the protector. The sound is the sparking sound caused by poor contact. The sparking will generate heat and cause thermal trip. You can touch the plastic case of the protector by hand to see if it is hot. In addition, the screw of the wire interface will not have the same failure, and the probability of occurrence is relatively large.

2. If the inlet pipeline gate valve is not closed when starting, pay attention to close the gate valve. When the flow exceeds the rated value or the air pipe leaks, close the small throttle valve to check whether there is air leakage.

3. When the belt shaft of the centrifugal fan is improperly installed and consumes too much useless power, it must be readjusted and corrected. If the joint work of the fan is deteriorated or the pipe network fails, the working point of the fan joint work must be adjusted to repair the pipe network system. 

4. The coupling is not connected properly, the apron is too tight or the gap is uneven, you need to readjust the alignment.
5. If the input voltage of the motor is too low or the power supply is cut off in one direction, the voltage of the centrifugal fan should be checked in time, and the power supply is normal.

The above is the reason and solution of the excessive current of the centrifugal fan. Although the equipment generally has a protector, when the current is too large, it will automatically power off if it is not serious, but if it encounters equipment without a protector, it will cause a series of Problems, or even burn down the equipment, making it unusable, so if we are in use, we should find an effective method to solve the above problems in time, and then ensure that the fan has been in normal working condition.
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